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Graphic Design, % 96
Web Design and Development, % 93
Mobile UX/UI Design, % 92
Outta Space, % 100
I am a self-taught designer and developer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I have more than years of experience in this area, first starting as a Graphic Designer, then moving to Web and Mobile Apps. Learning also to code, allowed me to be involved in the entire development process, from understanding clients’ requirements, to outlining business objectives and overcoming technical limitations.
I always create for the user while keeping the business goals in check. I focus on building products, experiences and platforms that have the power to transform a brand and the web. I have been in business since I was 4 when I made my first stickman, so my belief is that beauty resides in simplicity; therefore I plan, create and grow digital products by finding simple solutions to complex challenges.

As a designer, I always build from the roots up. My process is simple: first understanding and defining a clear vision of the project; then exploring the visual and verbal roots of the idea; in the end, translating these roots into an authentic cultural experience. For all enquiries, including new business or to hear more about my services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.

Steve Jobs
Having a product is not just about having an amazing design, but it's more about the way the user interacts with the interface. This way, the business itself will benefit in many ways as it encourages the visitors to use their product.
Being focused on both user experience and user interface, on how the product feels and is laid out, I have managed to specialise in Branding, Print Design, Web and Mobile App Design and Web Development.

What people say?

Working with Alexandra is one of the most empowering work related experiences that I ever had. Passion, enthusiasm and love for design are just a few words that can describe her work flow. Not only she will give you guidance, but she will put a part of her soul in that piece of art that will help you improve your work. I strongly recommend Alexandra only for those who wish to have design materials that will change all the perspectives.

Ioana Arama, HR Consultant

What people say?

Alexandra is the perfect example of technical prowess combined with a free spirit, imagination and creativity. She will want to get to know you and the story behind your project/company so she can capture it perfectly in the visual materials she delivers (on time and exceeding expectations, that is!). Since she is self-taught, you can always expect her to be on top on every new technology she encounters and make the absolute best of her knowledge. I was never disappointed by her work in design and highly recommend her.

Madalina Nastasa, Trainer and Sales Representative

What people say?

Alexandra has the gift of helping you understand and describe your business needs, while pointing you in the right direction according to the real world market expectations. It's not all about work; it's about the experience of working together.

Cosmin Vana, Senior Software Developer

What people say?

I had the chance to work with Alexandra for almost 4 months. During this period she showed the capability to learn the business very fast and provide new solutions. At the first glance all the wireframes created by her displayed the correct message and overall I really like her clean design. She was always a team player and very sociable person.

Adrian Vaman, Project Manager, Business Processes Consultant


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Cluj County, Romania
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