Alexandra Nastase

UI/UX Designer

Hello, my name is Alex and Astromonk is my creation. I am a self-taught designer and developer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I have 7 years of experience in this area, first starting as a Graphic Designer, then moving to Web and Mobile Apps. Learning also to code, allowed me to be involved in the entire development process, from understanding clients’ requirements, to outlining business objectives and overcoming technical limitations.

I always create for the user while keeping the business goals in check. I focus on building products, experiences and platforms that have the power to transform a brand and the web. I have been in business since I was 4 when I made my first stickman, so my belief is that beauty resides in simplicity; therefore I plan, create and grow digital products by finding simple solutions to complex challenges.


Phone: +40 787 765 317


A good design is not created in a moment of inspiration, but as a result of an iterative process that requires a collaboration between multiple teams. My process of designing is highly collaborative and evolutionary — there is a gradual development as new concepts and choices build upon previous ones.
Balsamiq & Axure, % 90
Photoshop, Illustrator, Fuse, Sketch, % 95
Front End Development, % 90
InVision & Usability Hub, % 92
SEO, % 86
Drawing & Painting, % 80


January 2010–Present

Web and Mobile UX/UI Designer & Full Stack Web Developer

I first started as a Graphic Designer and then I moved to Web Development and UX/UI Design.

During this period, based on feedback, I have improved multiple projects; I have also defined and created visual identities for new or existing mobile and web apps. By working with agile, I keep the process clean and effective, while delivering high fidelity prototypes, applications flows, analyses and specifications.

May 2016–Octomber 2016

Mobile UX/UI Designer

DAFEA is an oil and gas company, whose side project was a financial app for both iOS and Android.

Here I have improved my attention to details and I learned the ins and outs of product design. As part of my responsibilities I have designed wireframes, such as flow diagrams, interactive prototypes, design mock-ups, and specification documents. Besides that, I have created user personas and analysed user behavior to improve the overall application experience.

December 2015–April 2016

Web and Graphic Designer

The company was divided into two parts: marketing and photo-video, me working with the marketing division.

During this period, I have designed and developed multiple websites, utilizing various applications and programming languages. I have also monitored and administered Google Analytics dashboards, tracked and reported SEO metrics and continuously improved site performance, from keyword to content and data architecture optimization.

February 2015–December 2015

Web and Graphic Designer

My involvement in this project was from end to end in terms of software development implication. I was in charge of web design and development, SEO, logo and graphic design.

February 2012–Present

Founding Member and General Secretary

Website: www.dincolodetacere.net

"Dincolo de Tacere" is an independent NGO, non-politically affiliated, focusing to help persons who struggle with different disabilities, and especially children who are diagnosed with autism. Moreover, the association is a member of FEDRA (The Federation for Rights and Resources for Persons who Suffer from Autism), and from November 1, 2014, is an accredited social services provider.

Since I live in Cluj now and the NGO is based in Galati, I deal with the technical aspects (as in the website which will get out of the construction zone in a week) and also the social media. Besides that I write the blog section for the website and I do all the translations for the materials that are used in therapy.

Growth Strategy





Al. I. Cuza National College

Highschool, Galati

2015–present (ID)

Cibernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration


International Relationships and American Studies

Babes Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca


+40 787 765 317
Cluj County, Romania
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